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Published: 14th March 2012
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By Charles L. Jackson

Various people I talk to are unsatisfied with their internet dating results. Usually, these folks have extremely high expectations about internet-based dating sites - they are expecting to meet the love of their life by joining a specific site, then doing just a few random searches, and sending then sending maybe ten or so messages to other site members who they like the outward appearance of. The reality is really very different. Online dating actually does take substantial effort, patience and commitment. Sure, a few individuals hook up with somebody special extremely fast using dating sites, but this is rare and not the experience of most users.

The 1st presumption that folk make is that using online dating is somehow 'easy'. You put your details on there, and loads of ideal possible partners will be sending you message after captivating message. Sure, it is a convenient technology, but you do have to put substantial thought and effort into presenting yourself well, just as you would going on a 1st date in the real world. So don't treat internet dating casually. Sure, have fun - but if you're serious about meeting someone, you have to put in the effort.

The second thing is that you've got to present - or 'market' yourself. Internet dating is a 'market' and if you would like to do really well, you should consider how you present yourself, just as you would for a very important work interview. Selling yourself involves creating a profile that's a captivating, correct and attention-grabbing story which is all about you. Folk looking your at your dating site profile will only look at it for 1 or 2 seconds, before viewing another. So make yours stand out from everyone else's. .
This can be done in plenty of ways ways: by being funny, awakening curiosity, or by somehow being uniquely different to the thousands of other profiles. You have got to present something that asserts, 'pick me!'

What you've got to avoid at any cost is a profile that makes you look standard, shallow, uninteresting or just plain dumb and boring. Have somebody help you if you find putting words together troublesome. Ask buddies for help.

The 3rd point is you need to present yourself, as fascinating to the individual you are especially looking for. As an example, if you actually value humor, then write a profile that you believe your dream partner will find really funny.

Or maybe you're a committed Christian - if it's important to you, why not mention your faith, and additionally be precise - what type of Christianity (Baptist, etc)?
The 4th point is that I would always recommend you keep your profile fresh. Update it once in a while. If you are getting too many contacts from the kind of folk you are not very interested in, perhaps review your profile and see why you are attracting them. Above everything else, to achieve success in online dating, you have to be persistent. Not merely in looking and messaging others, but in basically continuing to utilize the dating site, even though you suspect it is not working as well as you first thought.

So my information, in brief is to urge you to continue with online dating. It is an amazing way to meet somebody, and your odds of success can be considerably improved by doing some common-sense things like presenting yourself well, employing a nicely-crafted and unique profile accompanied by an engaging photograph.

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